Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your Life with the Teeth Whitening Services at Lakes Dentistry

Did you know that your enamel changes color as you age? You may also get darkened teeth due to genetics—if your parents or grandparents had stained teeth, chances are good you will, too. Eating certain foods, like chocolate, and drinking dark-colored beverages, such as coffee and wine, can also affect the brightness of your smile. And your smile is one of your most important social and business tools. Research has shown that people who smile are considering more attractive and more successful.

If you have dull, yellowed, stained, or dingy enamel that affects your smile, then don’t wait—schedule an appointment to get one of our professional take-home teeth whitening kits. Our teeth whitening kits consist of custom-made mouth trays and high-grade whitening gel that should be applied once a day for the next fourteen days. You’ll see results after the first application, with permanent results—a smile up to eight shades whiter—in only two weeks!

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