Preventive Dentistry

Preventing Oral Health Issues with Optimum Dentistry

Going to the dentist every six months keeps your teeth and gums in tip-top shape, and ensures that if more serious oral issues occur—such as cancer—you can get the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

At your regular checkup, we always do a thorough examination, assessing not only your teeth and gums, but checking your head and neck for any unusual lumps and bumps. We also check out the state of your natural bite to make sure there are no occlusion problems. Then you’ll receive a deep cleaning, and if necessary, our hygienist may also recommend periodontal therapy, especially if your gums are bleeding.

Custom Oral Appliances

We offer a number of custom oral appliances to handle a variety of issues such as TMJ disorders, snoring, and teeth grinding. We also create athletic mouthguards.

Did you know that snoring is an issue your dentist can help you with? Often snoring is a result of the lower jaw slipping slightly backward during sleep. Then soft oral tissues block airflow—and the snoring sounds are actually those tissues vibrating as you attempt to breathe.

Another nightly issue is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Eventually the teeth are worn down by the constant grinding, and can cause TMJ disorders, ear pain, headaches, and other dental problems. We can make a custom nightguard that addresses the particular issues associated with bruxism.

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