Crown and Bridge

Puzzled About Your Incomplete Smile? Lakes Dentistry Can Help!

If you’ve lost teeth due to accident, infections, or gum disease, we can create a fixed bridge, also called a crown and bridge, to restore your smile. Missing teeth can cause problems such as shifting teeth, more tooth loss, imbalance of the natural bite, increased risk of gum disease, and TMJ disorders. How do you prevent these issues? Replace those missing teeth! A crown and bridge prevents repositioning of remaining teeth, corrects misaligned bites, and provides internal structure for your face.

A bridge is a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that attaches on one or both sides to teeth prepared with dental crowns. If healthy adjacent abutment teeth aren't available, an alternative is a surgically-implanted metal post, known as a dental implant. For a bridge that replaces many teeth, we may recommend a removable partial denture or an implant-supported prosthesis.

You maintain your new crown and bridge the same way you do your natural teeth, with brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. If you take proper care of your crown and bridge, it can last a lifetime.

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